Crocodile Speaks – Inside out

 “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.”    –Wayne Dyer

Many of you will be surprised that this next blog post is from none other than Crocodile.  Yes, you will hear from Squirrel, Bird, Lion, and the list goes on.  Except at this point in time I’m to be following their lead, not my own, when it comes to writing these posts.  They’ll each come forward when it’s their turn.  Crocodile has been nudging me (yes, nudging and not snapping) shortly after I wrote from Giraffe.  He said, “I’m next!”  So, here we go.  Let’s listen to see what Crocodile has to say and get it from his perspective:

Me:  “I know many people are fairly misinformed about you.  What is it you’d like to let us humans know?”

Crocodile: “Well, there are many things I’d like to share with the human world, but we only have so much time.  *deep belly laugh* But, really, seriously, I wanted to send the message this time about judging an animal by it’s skin….or as you humans say, a book by it’s cover.  Too many animals are looked over because they aren’t what humans believe to be ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’.  They’re not the ideal pet because of some sort of flaw you seem to see in them.  The animal kingdom does not judge humans in that way and we find it curious that that’s how the human world tends to work.  You do it with your own kind as well as the animal kingdom.

If anything is considered ‘ugly’ it is deemed gross and not worth the time to even be looked at much.  Forget even trying to get to know that person, animal or bug.  It goes back to what Giraffe was saying before – we are all individuals.  We are ALL worth getting to know on a one by one basis.  Yes, we can speak as a collective, but we also speak as individuals.  The people reading this post do not know which crocodile you are talking to, but you do.  You can identify me in a heartbeat.”

Me: *chuckles* “Yes I can.  I know exactly which one you are.  I talked with you briefly in Florida while I was there.  You joked around with me.  You told me you wouldn’t want to eat us if we fell because we’re too chewy.”

Crocodile: *deep laugh* “Yep.  And full of preservatives.  Ya’ll taste funny.”

Me: *laughs*

Crocodile: “You see?  If you had based our conversation on what I looked like, you wouldn’t have talked to me.  You wouldn’t have known of my great sense of humor.  So, judging an animal (including humans) by their skin or what they look like is really shorting yourself.  You lose out.  Ok…not you specifically.  You haven’t judged us by what we look like because you know, but the general human doesn’t always get it.  They like to judge and have these preconceived ideas about us.  Keeping more of an open mind is important now more than ever due to what’s coming up in our futures.  We’re smart and we’re funny.  We give great advice no matter what we look like or our species.  Don’t you agree?”

Me: “I do.  I learned that with Mr. Mouff, a spider I talked with several years ago.  I learned bugs and spiders and all have personalities just as much as the bigger animals from my first class.  She told us of a cockroach that someone brought to class and he had a great sense of humor and was like a stand up comedian.  That’s what propelled me to talk to the spider in the first place.  Otherwise I would have screamed ‘Eeeeeek!’ and would have found a way to get rid of it.  Now I know different.”

Crocodile: *laughs* “Exactly!  Now you have this experience for that book you’re supposed to be writing *wink*, and a whole different way of dealing with those pesky ants and spiders and bugs in general that most others won’t take the time to do.  You aren’t judging them based on their size, species, or if they’re fluffy and cute, or gross and ugly.  They are what they are and they have intelligence just as you do.

So, here’s my message for ya’ll.  Regardless of how a person looks, regardless of how an animal looks, regardless of how a bug looks, you really should stop and take a look at what you may be missing by coming to a quick conclusion they’re not worth it because of their looks.  Looks only gets ya so far.  It’s the personality that sustains relationships.”

And, with that, he smiled, winked at me and said “Later gator!”  I replied with “In awhile crocodile!”  He then showed me he was sinking back into the water as he was chuckling to himself.  I know he’ll be back in a later post.  So folks, I think he was pretty clear in his message.  Don’t hastily make a judgement on any living creature, human or otherwise, without really getting to know them.  Why do we shut out others because we don’t like their looks?  I see that in relationships all the time.  We have a tendency to shut down any possibility of friendships, or otherwise, because we didn’t like what we’d like them to look like.  Nature made them a certain way so let’s respect what Creator/God/Source deems is beautiful….from the inside out.

*Kristen is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner, and Professional Animal Communicator.  She is owner of Talk Pawsitive located in Minneapolis, MN.  She travels around the country teaching others how to do animal communication and how to support the animals.  You can reach her by emailing her at  You can also visit her website at

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