Giraffe Speaks – Are U-nique?

Like human fingerprints, each giraffe’s coat is unique –

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been nudged by Giraffe to continue my blogging.  She is continually asking me why I haven’t written anything since the last blog from Tiger.  Part is exhaustion, part is time, part is having been going through a grieving process, and part is I just didn’t know what I was going to write about.  Although I really can’t claim that last part since Giraffe just gave me one of those reprimanding looks of “Really?  Ummm….so not true.”

Okay!  Okay!  So, I’m still a bit hesitant to keep stirring that pot Tiger talked about from last month.  I’ll own up to it.  I’m not a pot stirrer and I really don’t like to create conflict (although my family might disagree with me).  But, with the monthly meditation coming up this Sunday again and things getting intense in other places, it’s time for me to step it up again.  Giraffe said to trust her and she’ll guide this blog so here goes:

Me: “What am I supposed to write about?”

Giraffe: “Uniqueness within the animal kingdom.  We are not seen as individuals, but as a whole or collective bunch.  Animals are animals and they are all treated the same.  You, yourself, know this is not true.  While we have a general consciousness around us, we are each individual and unique.  You discovered this with the dove in your office.  Even with you knowing each animal is unique, you had never experienced a bird with the uniqueness of Ginger.  She played a role for this lesson to prepare you for this article.”

Me: “True.  But aren’t more and more people becoming aware of this?  Pet owners will argue to the ends of the earth that each animal has their own unique personality.”

Giraffe: “They will argue it for the domestic animals, but do they think that way with those out in nature?  A squirrel is a squirrel regardless of where they are located.  A spider is something creepy without a personality.  Giraffes are tall and cool looking, lions are majestic and regal, pigs stink, cheetahs run fast, and the list could go on and on.  We, too, have our own unique personalities.  Just because we do not need specific names to call ourselves we each have personalities that need to be recognized and honored.  Once that happens then there will be less killing and disregard for our lives.  Wolf was killed because wolves can be dangerous and they didn’t want to take the chance he was going to hurt a human.  Had they gotten to know him as an individual and really talked with him, they would not have come to the conclusion he was dangerous, but depressed.  He was not angry but sad.

But by keeping us grouped as a species or even labeled a certain animal, it keeps us farther removed from seeing us as intelligent and feeling creatures, like humans.  It is stereotyping or being prejudiced and must not be accepted anymore.  Humans hate to be stereotyped, and they lash out because of it.  When an animal is crying out to be heard as an individual the animal is punished and, often, has their life taken away from them in one form or another.  Some are abandoned, some are neglected, some are beaten, and some are killed.  How can this be acceptable behavior for any living being?  Our world is no different.

Our lives and our experiences are unique.  Our likes and dislikes are unique to each individual animal.  One dog may like a sweater, the next one may not.  It does not matter the breed, gender, size or geographic location. One polar bear may like the veggie popsicle, the next one may not.  I, personally, prefer the smaller leaves on the tree, but Peanut over there likes the bigger leaves.  Really, people just need to talk with us and get to know us as individuals.  Only then can we truly be helped and become more healthy.”

So, moral of this conversation?  There are oh so many to be had!  The more I read what she said, the more I get out of it.  You may have to read her wisdom over and over again, but it will sink in on a deeper level each time.  She is wise and her advice flows into the human world just as much as into the animal world.  Who are we to put animals in the proverbial box of who and what they are?  It is no different for them than it is for us.  Nobody likes to be boxed in and lumped together with everyone else.  Whether it’s behavior, toys, or even health issues, there isn’t any one single answer for everyone.

So, what’s the next step you ask?  My suggestion is to start learning how to talk with the animals.  You can do this by taking classes (I personally have a workshop I offer to those interested – all over the country). There are a few books out there to read.  Simple meditation can also get you connected.  Your focus can turn to the animals.  Pay attention to what animal comes in to you and just open your mind towhatever comes in.

*Kristen is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner, and Professional Animal Communicator.  She is owner of Talk Pawsitive located in Minneapolis, MN.  She travels around the country teaching others how to do animal communication and how to support the animals.  You can reach her by emailing her at  You can also visit her website at

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One Response to Giraffe Speaks – Are U-nique?

  1. The giraffe is so right. By putting animals into common groups and not seeing them as individuals, it is easier to treat them badly. Unfortunately, man also does the same to groups of people like the genecide of Jews in WWII and the recent civil wars in Africa to name a few.. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know we need more love and communication with all creatures on this ever shrinking earth. If enough people will turn to the light and love, we may be able to create a shift in the consciousness of man and truely become man”kind”.

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