Tiger Speaks

“Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored.”                                    -Alice Walker 

So apparently I’m creating somewhat of a stir when it comes to talking about what I am hearing from the animals.  I am hearing a lot of feedback from people who have listened to the interview about the death of the Mexican Gray Wolf (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talk2theanimals/2011/06/15/zoo-animals-volunteers-or-victims).  Most of the feedback I hear is positive and the words “I’m glad someone is finally speaking up about this.”  He has created a turn of events for me that was unexpected and I am grateful.  Little did I know that the conversation I held with a Wolf two days before his death was a prediction to come true.  I was warned of this event, just not in specifics.  I was told that they were barely holding on and holding it together, and we were going to see loss because the animals are tired of being ignored and not heard.  I didn’t understand he was talking of animals within a different zoo, or of all species on this planet.  It’s my humanness that got in the way, but I digress.

Because of his death I got to speak to the tiger at the zoo where the wolf was killed.  This was on my own time and with a colleague of mine.  When we walked into the zoo we were instantly hit with the sadness and grief that was hanging in the air.  The animals didn’t want to be seen.  They were sullen and quiet.  It was like walking through an empty park, a ghost town if you will.  I knew there was going to be an animal I would be sitting with for some time and I was just waiting to see who it was.  At first I thought it was the otter, then perhaps the puma.  Both of them talked to me, but also let me know that they weren’t the messenger of whatever message I was going to hear.  They gave me tidbits of information that I was able to piece together once I started the conversation with the tiger.

As soon as I walked into the cove area of the tiger I knew.  I knew this was where I was to sit down and listen.  I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to hear what this tiger had to say, but I was going to do my best.  I even brought that up to tiger and he said, “You wouldn’t be talking to me if you didn’t want to know.”  I acknowledged his wisdom and let him speak.  He was saddened by the loss of his family member, but also outraged at the cost of his life.  While I wasn’t able to write down the conversation at the time I will share with you our conversation as best I can.

Me: “I don’t even know what to ask or say.  I’m at a loss for words. What is it that you want me to know?”

Tiger: “Personal responsibility has completely disappeared.  Humans have a very difficult time admitting when they make a mistake.  People fear backlash.  But, what they don’t understand is that it makes everything worse, not better.  The trust is no longer there.  Many people have now lost complete trust in this zoo and are disgusted with them even more than they have been in the past.  Wolf was not out to hurt anybody.  You know that.  We know that.  And, in their hearts, they know that.  Just admit it was a mistake.  It was a cry for help.  To be heard.  To be understood.  Unfortunately it did not work in the way he was hoping.  All he knew was he needed to do something.   They made a mistake.  It happens.  Humans have no understanding of our behavior if all they do is give excuses.  At least admit the mistake.  It serves no one to cover up feelings and actions with things other than what it was.  It can’t be undone, but acknowledgement can go a long way.  Acknowledging our sorrow and grief in this loss.  Acknowledging their own.  People need to start relating to each other on a more honest level.  We have been trying to teach this for centuries and it just doesn’t get through.

Animal communication is crucial for animals at this time, as is the healing you do with it.  It is no longer to be used as a parlor trick, but something real they need to see and understand.  We are giving opportunities for caretakers to reach out to you but they continue to ignore the call.  They continue to ignore what really needs to be done. They continue to do what they have already done and expect different results.  Instead of looking outside of themselves they see others as a threat and shut down anything that looks remotely unusual.  If they had a communicator on staff the wolf would have been saved.  The wolf would not have tried to escape.  How they continue to ignore us is frustrating beyond comprehension.

Watching us in an enclosure does not give them the understanding they need.  It is another excuse.  Our enclosures are nothing of what we have in the wild.  We do not pace in the wild, we rest.  To allow you to come up ‘into’ our space and then we are reprimanded for appearing upset or aggressive is horrible.  What would happen if I came up to the window in your home and peered in at you, stared, pounded on your windows and made nasty comments?  You’d shoot me.  I would die.  There is no more education.  There is no more respect.  It is gone.  People are not present with us and we are suffering.  We cannot hang on in this fashion anymore.  Things must change.  We are not asking to be set free.  We are asking to be heard and listened to.  To take a different approach and work with us, not at us.”

Me: “So what can I do?  How can I support you?”

Tiger: “We need our support system strengthened.  Not just the animals in zoos, but the entire animal kingdom, everywhere on this planet.  Our core energy system has dwindled (he showed me a picture of the animal kingdom in a circle with a very low energy field).  We are amazing manifestors and we are weak in that.  We are having a difficult time manifesting what we need which is connected to what you need.  We need a voice.  We need healing.  Our heart qi and protective qi needs to be strengthened and raised.  We need the help.  Continue to stir the pot (he showed me a picture of a huge black pot with a wooden spoon stirring boiling sludge).  You will be listened to.  Your work in ****** will help with that and start raising a huge awareness.  But, we also must get you there.  We are doing our best to open those doors.  It’s been more difficult with the walls other humans have put up.  But trust us.  Trust you are hearing us.  I know you question.  I know you doubt.  Quit that.  You hear us loud and clear and it’s time you let others know.  Stir the pot.”

As I was writing, I realized there is so much more to his conversation.  He said not to worry about it for this will be an ongoing blog.  His message, along with others within the animal kingdom, will be stated here loud and clear.  I am no longer to hide or take things out of a conversation.  I am no longer to stay quiet and in the background.  I am being called to take action, to be their voice, and to stand in the truth of the animals.

So I ask for you to start listening to the animals.  Start to just quiet yourself and set the intention for the animals to be heard, healed and acknowledged for their strength and power in our system.  They help us more than we can ever imagine.  It is time for us to help them.  Send them light, healing energy, and love.  I will be holding a monthly gathering to do just that.  Please do this on your own, form your own group if you aren’t able to attend mine, or join me every month for the meditation group.  Look for the event to be posted on my Facebook page Talk Pawsitive.  It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds and hearts into it.

*Kristen is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner, and Professional Animal Communicator.  She is owner of Talk Pawsitive located in Minneapolis, MN.  She travels around the country teaching others how to do animal communication and how to support the animals.  You can reach her by emailing her at Kristen.BodyTalk@gmail.com.  You can also visit her website at www.KristenScanlon.com.
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  1. Thank you for your commitment to your new life path to speak for the animals and be their voice. Thank you for this blog and the hearts your touch with it.

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