Leap, and the net WILL appear

I have experienced the truth of this statement time and time again, especially over the last year.  But nothing like the last couple of weeks.  I truly had to leap and just trust that the net was going to appear.  I never cease to be amazed at how well things will come together when you just trust.

I had an opportunity come to me a couple of weeks ago to move into an apartment building that I had wanted to move to for awhile.  When I called in August I had to put my name on a waiting list.   Then I let it go….until the middle of September.  I decided to just check in with them again since I hadn’t heard from them.  There was an apartment that just opened up for December.  It sounded good to me so I made an appointment to take a look at it the following day.  I had really put it out into the universe to move sooner than that, but I would take what I could get.  I don’t know what the universe has in store for me, so maybe that was the best time for me to move.  BUT, when I came in for the showing for the December opening, I heard the woman leaving a message for someone saying there was also a studio available for October 1st.  What?  Did I hear that correctly?  2 weeks from now an apartment was available?  Sweet!  Now for the approval process…..

From the time I said ‘Yes!!!!’ to the time I was approved, was where I had to trust the net would just appear.  I had no idea if I was approved when I made the moving truck reservation.  I had no idea if I was approved when I told my roommate I was moving.  I had no idea if I was approved when I started packing my stuff into boxes and throwing things away, making room for the new.  We had already started loading the truck on Thursday before I found out if I was approved to move in the following day.  I didn’t find out I was officially moving until 5:45 p.m. the evening before the move.  No joke.  But I leapt into the knowing I was moving.  Period.  I wasn’t backing down in my belief that this was happening.  Did I have my moments of doubt?  Of course!  Who wouldn’t?  I’m human.  And it didn’t help I would get calls for information that would make me question.  In the core of my being, though, I knew.  I just had to trust.

How often do we question that we’ll get what we want?  How many of us are taught to not want things because it’s silly, or too romantic, or not logical?  How many of us just don’t believe we’ll get what we want, even though it’s staring us right in the face?  How many of us just give up in the face of adversity?  How many of us run into few problems and then determine it just wasn’t meant to be ours?  How many of us try to control the ‘how’ something is going to happen?  How many of us actually just leap and believe the net will appear?

I’ll be honest.  I don’t leap very often.  Nor do I trust that easily.  I’ve given up when things got tough.  I’ve given up when I can’t see the ‘how’ of something is going to work.  It’s a learning process, and there’s a HUGE learning curve.  More on that next week.

I’ll leave you with these wise words from Brom, a horse I worked with on a therapy farm back in May:

“Let go.  Let things unfold as they should and need to…..Who cares if you get kicked in the head a little?!?  You’ll recover.”

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